• "Do What You Are"

    In the spring of sophomore year the school counselors meet with sophomores in their health and history classes to begin the process of post high school planning. Sophomores complete the "Do What You Are" inventory on the Naviance system. The survey is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, Do What Your Are as is geared specifically for high school students. The resulting report gives students a synopsis of their Myers-Briggs personality type, with some helpful hints on one's strengths and blind spots. The report cab be used when developing a post high school plan as well as a list of compatible careers and majors to investigate.

    The second part of the sophomore program focuses on career exploration along with information on college majors. Counselors help students navigate the various careers and college majors in small groups. They are also guided on how to search the Naviance database for colleges that offer majors in their areas of interest.