• Academic Counseling

    Counselors work with students to select the most appropriate courses each year.
    • Counselors have access to Power School to check on each of their individual student's progress at regular intervals during the school year. They may be also be in contact with teachers check on student's progress
    • If a student is experiencing difficulties in one or more subjects, counselors will encourage him/her to seek help from their teacher and also meet with the child to give support of a more general academic nature and to find out if there are other issues that are impacting the child's ability to be successful in school.
    • Students who continue to experience difficulties may be referred, by the counselor, teacher or parents to a support team where a variety of options may be discussed.
    School Counselors work with students to help them find success in their courses.

    • The Power School portal offers students, parents and counselors the opportunity to access grades and assignments on a regular basis. It is utilized as a vital tool for students to be active participants in their education experience, as well as an effective home-school communication link. Every NCHS student is provided with his/her own user name and password and encouraged to use the portal throughout the year. Just as the portal allows for enhanced contact between students and their teachers, it can also provide parents with an on-going sense of their child's overall attendance record and grades on assignments in his/her classes. During the second semester, the portal is also used for on-line course selection for the following year's program.
    • There are many indicators of learning over the course of a semester that are not always reflected in a single grade. Accessing the portal to check progress can be very helpful but can become a source of additional frustration and anxiety if checked too often. Conversely, the information that can be gleaned from the portal should not be ignored.