• Senior Program


    The NCHS School Counseling Department provide comprehensive support throughout the post high school planning and college application process. While senior year can be stressful, it is also the most exciting time in the lives of many high school students. Counselors will visit the senior English classes during the second week of school to provide information concerning the college application process, and to encourage students to make a Senior Appointment with their counselor. These meetings are for students and counselors to discuss post high school plans. Counselors also gather information that can be use when writing a supportive college recommendation. Students planning to apply to college should ensure that they have complete the Senior Profile and handed it into the counseling office prior to the senior appointment. The counselors are here to answer your questions and help you to develop a balanced list of colleges or universities, so please see your counselor frequently!

    A Senior Parent Coffee will also be scheduled for the second week of school, where we will discuss the timeline  for college applications, teacher recommendation, early decision/early action programs and standardized testing.


    Colleges Visiting NCHS

    Seniors are encouraged to come and hear firsthand the latest news from individual colleges in which they may be interested. Students who are unable to meet with the reps should stop by the College and Career Center before the visit to fill out a form indicating their interest in visiting the school. If Juniors have a free during the schedule visit period, they are also welcome to attend. Attendance is taken at these sessions and passed along to the attendance office. The visit schedule is available on the School Counseling website and may also be viewed through Naviance. Most visits are in the College and Career Center or one of the nearby conference rooms.