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    I hope to have a very exciting year as students participate in hands-on activities and laboratory exercises using the processes of scientific inquiry. Students will also learn through the reading of textbooks, completing in-class and homework assignments, and participating in classroom discussions. The primary aims of this course are to: introduce the student to the world of science; to encourage the student to question the surrounding environment in a scientific way; and to lay down the foundations of basic scientific concepts and knowledge that will be useful throughout his/her educational years.

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    Student Expectations

    Students are expected to arrive to class on time and prepared for class. Those who fail to do so will receive a lower class participation grade.

    Homework will be given on a regular basis. Students are expected to complete assignments to the best of their ability and on time. If homework is not completed on time, the student is expected to complete it for the following day and will be docked 5 points for every day it is late.

    This class will demand your child's full attention. It is extremely important for them to keep up with their homework and class work. If your child is absent from class, it is his/her responsibility to find out what was missed during class and for homework. This work is expected to be made up in a timely manner.

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    Class Materials

    Each student should have one folder and a marble composition book specifically for Science.

    Nothing should ever be thrown away because it may be a good study tool for the assessments. Folder cleanings will be done in class at the end of each unit.

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    Home Communication 

    Feel free to email me at elizabeth.harrington@ncps-k12.org.

    Or you can contact me through the 5th/6th grade secretary at (203) 594-4515.

    Plan books/notes are also an excellent way to communicate.

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    Extra Help 

    I am available by appointment during lunch and recess. Bring your lunch or ask me for a pass and we can eat together while we work!

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    Useful Research Links

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    Extra Credit Opportunities

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