6th Grade Blue Team



    Miss Alicia Collins, Mr. Brett Gillan, Mrs. Holly Martocci, and Mrs. Sarah Sanborn,

    Samantha Bachman (guidance counselor), Brenda Carmichael (grade level secretary)


    We would like to welcome you to the 6th Grade Blue Team! We hope this year will be a fun and educational experience for us all as we explore, experiment, collaborate, and create together! Your learning experience will lead you to discover new things about yourself and the world around you. 


    Blue Team Student Expectations: We expect that you always give your best effort for participation and producing high-quality work.

    - Utilize an assignment planner independently for daily assignments, to help you study for assessments, for chunking longer-term assignments and projects, and even for keeping your extra-curricular activities up to date.
    - Proofread and check your work very carefully before submitting or presenting/publishing anything.
    - Utilize rubrics and expectations checklists for achieving success.
    - Ask for help when you need it and attend extra-help sessions when provided.
    - Respect your peers, teachers, and school staff by always "treating others as you would like to be treated."
    - Have a positive and open attitude towards your learning experiences, and push yourself to take healthy risks. 
    Extra Help:
    Teachers are available to students who need or want further explanation or support with content and/or skills on assignments or assessments... Or if a student just needs some (extra) quiet time to work.

    Students are encouraged to set up appointments with their teachers.  

    Throughout the year, at least one Blue Team teacher will be available during lunch on most days.



    Parent Communication:

    If parents would like to meet with teachers, please email or call your child's School Counselor in the Lower Division office at 203-594-4515 to set up an appointment. Email also serves as an excellent way to keep in touch with teachers. 
    This website is also a good daily resource to check student classwork and homework assignments.
    The PowerSchool Portal is also used as a communication of student progress and performance grades. 



    • To report your child absent, please call 203-594-4500, choose #1 for attendance and then choose #6 for the grade. Also, if your child is tardy or dismissing early, please send a note or email to brenda.carmichael@ncps-k12.org.


    • If you are absent, it is the student’s responsibility to check the Homework Calendar on the Blue Team website and/or call a classmate for missed assignments. You are expected to complete these assignments and make up any quizzes and/or tests in a timely manner. 




Teacher Emails