Red Team

  • We are RED-y for
    a great year!

    Dear Student and Family,

    Welcome to our team! We hope that you have been enjoying your summer. We would like to offer you some help as you begin to prepare for the coming school year. Therefore, we have included a list of the materials that we would like you to have for our team. In the interest of keeping your backpacks light, please do not bring additional binders or trapper keepers. Our goal is to have all supplies ready for use by Friday, September 4th. Please click on the Supply List link to access the list of materials.
    Mrs. Lisa Hammell      Ms. Stacey Payne      Mrs. Laura Poidomani      Mrs. Lisa Wolff   




    If parents would like to meet with teachers, please call the Guidance Office to set up an appointment. Our counselor is Samantha Bachman (203-594-4500). The Parent Portal is a great place to check on student progress in most classes! Email is the most ideal way to keep in touch with teachers. The Red Team has put together a web page as a tool for parents and students to access daily homework assignments, team events, download copies of specific assignments, email team teachers, and seek course outlines for each team subject. 

    If your child is going to be absent please call the attendance line, 203-594-4500 (prompt 1 then prompt 6 for grade 6) before 9:00am. After that time, an automated email will be sent and safe call will be made informing you of your child’s absence. If your child is going to be late (after 8:20am) he/she needs to come in to the Lower Division office to get a tardy pass. If they are late due to an early morning appointment, please call the attendance line with an estimated time of arrival. When they do arrive at school, they need to go to their respective division office to get a tardy pass.

    The attendance line is available 24/7, it is helpful to the office staff if absences are reported ASAP.  If for some reason the attendance line is down, please contact grade level secretaries directly. Lower Division: 594-4515

    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the homework calendar on the Red Team website and/or call a classmate for missed assignments. You are expected to complete these assignments and make up any assessments in a timely manner.


    All students and parents are encouraged to access the handbook on our website.  Gum and hats are not permitted in our classrooms.  Backpacks must be stored in your locker during the day.  Guidance for appropriate school attire is available, along with other student handbook information at

    We will be available for any student who needs or wants further explanation of material. We encourage students to set up appointments with their teachers. 

    We expect that you will turn in high quality work.

    • Name, Date, and Period on every paper handed in.

    • Assignments will be completed on time, thoroughly, and neatly.

    • Students should take their time and do their best!

    Keep Calm