• Meet the Staff
    Assistant Superintendent of Pupil and Family Services
    Darlene Pianka: 594-4020

    Secretary to Assistant Superintendent
    Flo Jones: 594-4020

    Special Education Financial Assistant
    Laura Luchette: 594-4021

    Special Education Administrators:

    Special Education Administrator (PreK/Elementary)
    Lenore Dweck: 594-4030

    Special Education Administrator (Saxe)
    Carole Pakkala: 594-4570

    Special Education Administrator (NCHS)
    Bill Tesbir: 594-4650

    Student Supports Coordinator
    Susan Bliss: 594-4655

    District School Psychologist
    Danielle Maslar: 594-4319

    Special Education Staff by School:
    New Canaan High School: 594-4600

    Principal: Bill Egan

    Special Education Administrator: Bill Tesbir

    School Psychologists: Maria Calcagni, Sandra Warkentin

    School Counselors: Lori Keen, Susan Lenci, Linda McGann, Jane Mitchell, Cindy Rivera, Kelly Tamborrino, Ann Vernon, Nick Willett

    Special Education Teachers: Jennifer Bojonell, Scott Craig, Joe Ditolla, Joanne Gerardi, Nicole Hammond, Jackie Hauge, Ashley Lewis, Katey Paige, Nikki Pivovar, Chris Satterlie Caryn Vita

    Social Workers: Rachel Alpert, Eileen Donellan

    Speech and Language Pathologists: Hope Blair, Melissa Mahon

    Occupational Therapist: Marianne Gorski

    Physical Therapist: Cathy Cote

    Special Education Secretary: Betsy Gilhuly

    Saxe Middle School: 594-4500

    Principal: Greg Macedo

    Special Education Administrator: Carole Pakkala

    School Psychologists: Christopher Dykes, Erica Palumbo

    Special Education Teachers: Shelby Cromwell, Jennifer Chard, Stefanie Goldschmidt, Patty Hines, Lindsay Murphy, Linda Margiotta, Caitlin Portanova-Buccarelli, Patty Potts, Karen Ryan, Sara Tiani, Kevin Wilkins

    School Counselors: Sarah Beltran, Brad Lepisto, Liz Margewicz, Tammy Nettleton, Deb Owen, Christine Risoli 

    Challenge Teachers: Jean Caffrey, Kim Demers

    Social Workers: Meredith Coffey, Cristina Pesce

    Speech and Language Pathologists: Lisa Dahlstrom, Susan Gress, Lauren Russell

    Occupational Therapists: Marianne Gorski, Jennifer Perhamus

    Special Education Secretary: Beth Calandrelli

    East Elementary School: 594-4200

    Principal: Kristine Woleck

    Special Education Administrator: Lenore Dweck

    School Psychologists: Whitney Buckley, Erica Palumbo

    Special Education Teachers: Anne Kahl, Danielle Cummings, Christina Spano, Lauren Sprosta

    Challenge Teacher: Kathy Crosby

    Speech and Language Pathologists: Nancy Kiersh, Jenn Weber

    Social Worker: Tara Whiteley

    Occupational Therapist: Stephanie Bellino

    Physical Therapist: Helen Nishi

    Special Education Secretary: Sylvia Sylvester

    South Elementary School: 594-4300

    Principal: Joanne Rocco

    Special Education Administrator: Lenore Dweck

    School Psychologists: Aileen Doohan, Jennifer Pritt

    Special Education Teachers: Patricia Chase, Heather Doneit, Carol Dacey, Mary Kate Ross

    Challenge Teacher: Kathy Crosby

    Speech and Language Pathologists: Nicole Alberico, Jenn Weber

    Social Worker: Kim Staiti

    Occupational Therapists: Stephanie Bellino, Allison LaRow

    Physical Therapists: Cathy Cote, Helen Nishi

    West Elementary School: 594-4400

    Principal: Jan Murphy

    Special Education Administrator: Lenore Dweck

    School Psychologists: Don Siegel, Rena Silberman

    Social Worker: Laura Craighead

    Special Education Teachers: Colleen Bailey, Deborah Carney, Ann Fisher, Katherine Rupp, Sue Schoenig

    Preschool Teachers: Meghan Habansky, Daniella Mini, Cathy McClure

    Challenge Teacher: Kathy Crosby

    Speech and Language Pathologists: Francine Gurtler, Alicia Sullivan

    Preschool Speech and Language Pathologist: Alyson Schroeder

    Occupational Therapists: Suzanne Heckt

    Physical Therapist: Kelly Conte

    Special Education Secretary: Sylvia Sylvester

East student portrait of happy face in multiple colors.
  • Parent suggestions?
    • Do you have suggestions for improving our Special Education system in New Canaan? We welcome your input!
    • Do you have ideas for seminar speakers? Additional publications? Let us know. 
    • How can we improve our Special Education website? We welcome suggestions. 

    How can I contribute?
    • There are parent representatives from each school who serve on a Parent Advisory Council to the Director.
    • Know who your building representatives are and stay in touch with them, or volunteer to be one. 
    • Participate actively in your child's Special Education programming.