•  World History I

    Course Scope and Sequence and Skills:

    9th Grade students take World History I. The course covers the history of the world from the development of civilization through the Columbian exchange, and asks students to work toward mastery in several areas of historical thinking including:

    • Chronological Reasoning
      • historical causation
      • patterns of continuity and change over time
      • periodization
    • Comparison and Contextualization
    • Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence
    • Historical Interpretation and Synthesis


    Primary Course Text:

    World History is designed for high school readers and contains organizational and reading comprehension supports to help students move toward more independent note-taking and inquiry.

    World History Pearson

    Supplemental Course Materials:

    The course uses many supplementary readings and documents including excerpts from books pictured below.

    Global History I - Supplementary Resources