Social Studies Department

NCHS Model United Nations Sophomore Simulation Opening Ceremonies, 2015
  • Welcome:

    The aim of the social studies curriculum at New Canaan High School is to prepare students to function effectively in a complex world of rapid change and increasing interdependence and to develop an understanding of perspectives outside their own.

    Our curriculum is designed to foster responsible citizenship by encouraging purposeful research, critical thinking, collaboration, creative problem solving, and helping students to develop effective public speaking, presentation and debate skills. It is our hope that students emerging from our program will show respect for cultural diversity and demonstrate their commitment to the democratic process by being active and informed civic participants.

    To these ends the department has built an exciting suite of history and social studies courses. The menu to the left provides access to teacher, curricular and course information.


     NCHS Social Studies Scope and Sequence:


    Grade 9 (2 Semesters)

    • World History I


    Grade 10 (2 Semesters)

    • World History II
    • AP World History: Modern


    Grade 11 (2 Semesters)

    • United States History
    • AP United States History
    • American Studies (Fulfills US History and junior English requirements)
    • Honors American Studies (Fulfills US History and junior English requirements) 


    Civics Graduation Requirement (1 Semester required)

    • Civics (1 Semester - Grades 11 or 12)
    • AP Comparative Government (1 Semester - Grades 11 or 12)
    • AP United States Government (2 Semesters - Grade 12)


    Social Studies Elective Courses (Grades 11 or 12)

    • American Law (1 Semester)
    • Cultural Anthropology (1 Semester)
    • Economics (1 Semester)
    • AP Macro Economics (1 Semester)
    • AP Micro Economics (1 Semester)
    • Psychology (1 Semester)
    • AP Psychology (2 Semesters)
    • AP European History (2 Semesters)


    Honors and Advanced Placement in the Social Studies:

    For students who have demonstrated intellectual independence and success working with complex texts and concepts, the Social Studies Department provides Advanced Placement courses instead of a more traditional ‘honors’ program (with the exception of the interdisciplinary American Studies). Underclassmen interested in Advanced Placement World History need to keep in mind that this is a college-level program no less challenging than Advanced Placement courses available to juniors and seniors. See the pages for each grade level for information about how this plays out in specific courses.