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    You can do math with your child every day. Situations pop up all the time. Take advantage of such opportunities to do math together, to learn about your child's math thinking and understanding, and to share your own. The following are excellent opportunities for engaging in math thinking. Encourage your child to solve problems mentally rather than over-relying on mathematical tools such as pencil and paper and calculators.

    Kindergarten Parent Resources and Games to play at Home

    Kindergarten games and resources

    K Math vocabulary and ideas


    Resources to practice and sharpen skills

    Sometimes, extra practice and reinforcement of skills and content can be helpful to students and families. Please use the links below to help reinforce math at home
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    Resources for Home Grades K-5

    Mathematical Games, Toys, and Hobbies

    Websites with Math Activities

    These sites provide math problems, games and activities that family can do together, off of the computer.

    • Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins. Mathematical actvities for parents and their 2- to 5-year old children.
    • Figure This!: Math Challenges for Families. 80 sets of 4 paper-and-pencil questions that illustrate challenging middle school mathematics, from The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Hints and answers are provided.
    • Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics. A booklet that includes activities adults can use with children in preschool through grade 5, to help strengthen their math skills. Also available in Spanish.
    • The Math Forum Student Center. Links to games, resources, math software, mailing lists and other reference materials related to learning and teaching math.
    • Mixing in Math. "Quick ways to mix math in to what after-school programs already do: sports, snack time, arts and crafts, playground games." The K-7 activities are "easy to prep ... easy to lead ... free ... and can complement homework in a variety of ways." Also available in Spanish..