Team Handball

  • Unit Goal: Students will pass, shoot, defend, and constantly move around the court/field 



    ·  Team sport where two teams pass a ball to throw it into the goal of the other team

    ·  Fast paced and high scoring game

    ·  Usually played indoors

    ·  7 team members (6 outfielders and 1 goalkeeper) 



    • Tip off to begin game
    • 3 steps (travel: if you take more than 3 steps)
    • 3 second holding rule (can only stand stationary for 3 seconds)
    • If ball hits the ground, then possession changes
    • If the ball goes out of bounds, then it's a throw-in
    • Can’t pass back to the goalkeeper
    • Only goalkeeper allowed in goal area; can’t come out of crease; can switch with fielders anytime
    • Scoring- shoot from outside the crease; goals can be scored through the air, off ground, or off goalie
    • After goal is scored, goalie starts with the ball




    1- Offense: student moves without the ball to give his or her teammate an option to pass to; student has hands in ready position (hand up and in front of them) to catch the ball; student is constantly moving around; student passes, shoots, and keeps possession 

    2- Defense: student tries to stop attackers from approaching goal; guarding one person from the other team; hands are up to guard, block, and intercept the ball 

    3- Communicates to teammates: student calls for the ball and lets teammates know where they are 

    4- Rules: student is aware of and follows all the rules of the game

    5- Sportsmanship: student is a team player by sharing the ball, passing to all teammates, being kind and respectful to all teams and teammates.