• Objective: to score goals in your opponent’s goal/net with your broom

    - Start each round in the middle of the gym with the two center positions tapping sticks together 3 times…N - H – L

    - Stay in broom position, no high brooms. If you high broom…

              1 time = verbal warning

              2 times = 1 minute timeout

              3 times = sit out for 5 minutes

              4 times = out of game

    - Positions: 6 team members (goalie, two defenders, three attackers)

               - Offense (Attackers): can go anywhere in the gym, except goalie box

               - Defense (Defenders): can only stay on their side and cannot go past mid-court

               - Goal Tender (defense): stays inside goalie box; can use hands/feet/stick to block

    - Goal Tender must roll or pass the ball in keeping it on the ground

    - Scoring: shoot from outside goal box and ball go inside the goal


    Broomball Skill Cues

     Safety Rules:

    • Keep the broom close to the ground; never let it go higher than your waist
    • Keep a safety zone around you
    • Never have a broom in your hand while waiting on the sidelines during games

     Broom Position:

    • Shake hands with the handle (dominant hand near the middle, other hand near the top)
    • Keep the broom close to the ground
    • Bend your knees and waist


    • Keep your head up
    • Use both sides of the broom
    • Keep the ball close


    • Side to target
    • Place broom behind the ball
    • Push/sweep the ball forward
    • Follow through to target


    •  Move the broom back to cushion the ball (never feet)