Badminton- Grades 7 and 8

  •  Overhead Clear

    - handshake grip on racket

    - contact shuttle high and in front of body

    - step through with open face racket

    - used to push opponent towards the back of the court


    Drop Shot

    handshake grip on racket

    - aim to get shuttle just over the net

    - stiff wrist, not a full swing

    - used to bring your opponent in to the net


    Smash Shot 
    - handshake grip on racket

    - contact shuttle overhead and in front of body 
    - whip arm through the shuttle and follow through across body

    - used to win the point or gain possession quickly 



    - underhand serve (contact shuttle below your waist); backhand flick or forehand low

    - hold shuttle with pointer finger and thumb, nose pointing down, and contact out of hand/air

    - cross-court

    - stand anywhere in service box (not in non-volley zone)

    - clear the non-volley zone 




    • Rally for serve 
    • Games to 21, win by 2 pts. or more 
    • RALLY POINT SCORING (can score anytime)
    • Same person keeps serving but switches sides as long as they are winning points for their team; switch server next possession
    • Opponents must remain in their positions when returning the serve 
    • No "let" serves 
    • Cannot touch the net with racket or body 
    • The non-volley zone does not exist during the game; only on the serve 



    You can score when your opponent….

    • Misses the shuttle
    • Hits the shuttle out of the boundary lines
    • Does not hit the shuttle over the net
    • Serves incorrectly
    • Shuttle hits the ground
    • Hits the shuttle more than once to get it over