• Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate and show an understanding of the following skills: throwing and catching, pass patterns, positions, rules, and 2 hand touch games.

    Skill Cues


    - Grip: make a "C", fingers spread on the laces
    - Elbow up, football back by ear
    - Stand sideways with opposite shoulder to target
    - Step with opposite foot
    - Flick wrist, football travels in a spiral


    - Above your waist: thumbs together and make a triangle/window
    - Below your waist: pinkies together
    - Bring the ball in towards your chest to protect it


    Teams will be determined by class size, but games will be designed around maximizing student participation. The field should be longer than it is wider with cones used to determine the centerline. Rock, paper, scissors will determine which team starts the game with the kick/throw off. A touchdown is worth 6 points.


    - Quarterback (QB)- the person who throws the football.

    - Receiver (R)- teammates who run out to catch the football thrown by the QB.

    - Down: when the ball becomes dead. Four downs (or tries) are allowed to score a touchdown. On the fourth down if the offensive team doesn’t score, then there is a turnover and the other team gets the ball at that spot.

    - Completion: successfully catching the football that was thrown by the QB. Two completions equal a 1st down. Completions must be at least 5 yards away from QB and handoffs do not count as a completion.

    - Pass Pattern: the route a receiver runs to get around the defense and make a completion. The QB tells the receivers what patterns to run.

    - 2 Hand Touch: defense must touch the offense who is in possession of the football with two hands to stop the play. Defense must count to 10 mississippi's outloud prior to rushing the QB.

    - QB Sneak: Instead of throwing the football, the QB chooses to run with the ball. Sneaks are only allowed once in every four downs.

    - Blitz: defense can rush the QB right away after the snap without counting.

    - Dead ball: the ball becomes dead when:
    • when any part of the ball carrier’s body other than the hands and feet touch the ground
    • an incomplete pass
    • a fumble
    • when the ball goes out of bounds

     - Defense: the team that does not have possession of the ball

     - End zone: the area between the goal line and the end line where touchdowns occur

     - Fake: a move made by a player for the purpose of deceiving an opponent

    - First down: the first of four attempts to move the football forward into the end zone. Two completions equal a 1st down.

    - Fumble: the ball carrier drops the ball while in their possession. Fumbles become dead balls and can not be advanced by the recovering team

    - Handoff: an exchange of the football from the quarterback to a teammate. Only one handoff during a series of downs.

    - Interception: when the defense catch a ball that was meant to be caught by the offensive team.

    - Line of Scrimmage: Imaginary line drawn from the forward tip of the football to the sideline. Offense and defense must line up here before the play starts and QB must throw the ball from behind the line unless using the QB sneak.
    - Offense: the team that has possession of the football.

    - Offside: Movement of any team member across the line of scrimmage before the football is snapped.

    - Touchdown: an offensive player having possession of the football in the opponent’s end zone.


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