Pickle-ball: Grades 5 and 6

  • Objective: Students will be able to perform various skills such as the forehand, backhand, serve, and rules of the game while playing singles and doubles matches.


    - handshake grip on paddle
    - opposite shoulder towards target
    - step forward with opposite foot
    - swing low to high across your body

    - 1 or 2 hands on paddle
    - same side towards target
    - step with paddle side foot
    - swing low to high across your body

    - Underhand
    - One foot behind baseline
    - Cross-court
    - Pass the non-volley zone
    - Contact out of hand (hit it in the air without bouncing it first)

    Doubles Rules
    - Rally for serve to see who starts the game

    - Games to 11, win by 2
    - SERVE TO SCORE (can only score points when serving)
    - No second serve (unless a let), every serve counts
    - The "let" must clear the non-volley zone
    - Alternate serves with partner when in possession of the serve (start on the right side)
    - Double bounce rule: opponents must let the ball bounce once before returning the serve AND the serving team must let the ball bounce once before returning it. After the double bouce, players can volley or hit the ball after one bounce.
    - Ball can be hit in the air (volley), but not in the non-volley zone
    - Ball can only bounce once; if ball lands on the line (baseline or sideline), it is in
    - Opponents must remain in their positions for the return of the serve (then can go front/back or side/side)

    It is a fault if the ball…
    - is hit out of bounds
    - does not clear the net
    - is volleyed in the non-volley zone
    - did not bounce once before the serve was returned; did not follow the double bounce rule
    - bounced more than one time
    - is hit more than one time on your team’s side