• Objective: Students will learn and practice frisbee skills (throwing and catching) and demonstrate these skills as well as an understanding of the rules in ultimate frisbee games as well as Kan Jam.


    Skill Cues for Throwing and Catching

    Forehand Throw
    - Opposite shoulder towards target
    - Step with opposite foot
    - Thumb on top, two fingers under rim of frisbee
    - Whip wrist, keep frisbee parallel to ground
    Backhand Throw
    - Same shoulder towards target
    - Step with same side foot
    - Thumb on top, fingers curled under rim
    - Flick wrist, keep frisbee parallel to ground

    Hammer Throw
    - Hold frisbee like forehand
    - Bring frisbee above head
    - Send forward and flick wrist down (like a hammer)
    - Used when you have a defender on you

    Pancake Catch
    - One hand on top of the frisbee and one hand on the bottom
    "C” Catch
    - Make a “C” with your hand and squeeze frisbee at contact
    - Can be done with one hand or two hands

    Ultimate Frisbee Rules

    Initiate Play: defensive team throws the frisbee off to the offensive team
    Scoring: catch the frisbee in the end zone to score; initiate play after a point is scored
    Movement: pass the frisbee in any direction to a teammate; can't run or take any steps while holding the frisbee, only pivot one foot
    Time: only have 10 seconds to throw the frisbee; defensive guard counts out loud
    Change of Possession: if the pass is incomplete (dropped, blocked, intercepted, out of bounds)
    Foul: no physical contact allowed (no picks/screens); if a foul disrupts possession, the play resumes as if the possession was retained
  • KanJam Rules

    * Be the first team to score 21 points

    - Two vs. Two

    - One throw each to 21 points

    - You have to score 21 points exactly, if you go over 21 then you go back to 11 points

    3 points = "Bucket" Slam Dunk

    2 points = "Deuce" Direct Hit

    1 point = "Dinger" Redirected Hit

    Instant Win = frisbee goes in the slot

KanJam Pics