• Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate key volleyball skills such as the bump, set, underhand serve, and overhand serve, as well as gain an understanding of the rules.
    • Feet shoulder width apart
    • Contact with platform parallel to the floor (wrist to elbow)
    • Step to and through the ball
    • Feet shoulder width apart
    • Contact with finger pads at forehead
    • Soft hands with a quick release
    Underhand Serve
    • Face target and hold ball in non-dominant hand
    • Contact with flat fist (contact w/ bottom of hand)
    • Step with opposite foot and meet the ball out of your hand (no toss)
    • Straight arm swing to make contact


    Overhand Serve

    • Face target and hold ball in non-dominant hand
    • Step – Toss – Hit
    • Contact ball with firm open hand
    • Contact ball high and in front of body

    • Rally scoring to 25 points, win by at least 2 or more points
    • 3 hits per side, no double contact
    • Can't touch the net with your body
    • If the ball lands on the line, it is in
    • Rotate clockwise when you gain the serve
    • All serves count (no lets or 2nd serves)
    • Same person continues to serve as long as winning points for the team
    • Serving position is back right, behind the service line


    Your team scores a point if the other team...

    - hits the ball out of bounds

    - doesn't get the ball over the net

    - let's the ball hit the ground

    - has the same person hit the ball twice in a row

    - touches the net

    - makes an illegal serve or hit

    - hits the ball more than 3x on their side

  • Volleyball