• Daily Grading Assessment: Grades 6-8


     Students need to do the following each class period of PE to earn a 4 (4 points).

     1- Preparedness

    The student...

      • is on time (for in person class or the zoom)
      • has appropriate athletic attire and sneakers (in person class)
      • comes to class with necessary materials for PE (pencil, laptop, etc.)
      • completes assignments that meet expectations and are on time (google form, etc.)

     2- Responsible Behavior

    The student…

    • is in control of their body during physical activity
    • uses equipment and moves throughout space in a safe and controlled manner
    • follows behavior expectations, directions, and rules of the activity
    • accurately self-reflects on learning and behavior; seeks help when needed
    • works hard to problem solve, set goals, and support the team

     3- Engagement/Effort

    The student…

    • practices tasks that the teacher specified and spends time improving their performance
    • moves in relation to strategy
    • actively participates (raises hand, eye contact, engaged in all activities)
    • gives their best performance
    • shows persistence when task is difficult
    • stays on task and follows directions
    • asks questions that are relevant to the learning objectives
    • works hard and demonstrates the correct form when doing the dynamic, Tabata, and other fitness related warm-ups

     4- Leadership/Teamwork/Sportsmanship

    The student…

    • encourages fair play by others
    • allows others to experience success
    • demonstrates leadership and works well with others
    • provides peers with positive and corrective feedback (accountable talk)
    • compromises and collaborates to resolve conflicts
    • is respectful during group discussions and when others share ideas
    • plays an active role and make contributions to class by offering ideas
    • contributes to a safe, kind, and supportive learning environment


    Understanding and Applying Concepts 

    • The student will partake in a variety of formative and or summative assessments each quarter including teacher observation, journals, quizzes, peer assessment, skill rubrics, projects, posters, homework, etc.
    • Specific grading criteria for each assessment will be explained to the students at the time of that particular assessment.
  • Grading Standards for Grade 5


    Standard 1: Student demonstrates an understanding of the benefits of physical activity and fitness.

    Standard 2: Student demonstrates an understanding of skills and rules within sport/games.

    Standard 3: Student demonstrates sportsmanship and works cooperatively with others.

    Standard 4: Student accepts and responds to challenges.

    Standard 5: Student plays safe and follows the rules.


    C = Consistently; Meets curriculum standards across a variety of contexts, over time, independently

    U = Usually; Meets curriculum standards across a variety of contexts, over time, needs only occasional prompting

    S = Sometimes; Meets curriculum standards in specific or limited contexts, performance still inconsistent, some support needed

    B = Beginning; Exposed to concept or skill but not yet able to meet curriculum standards without direct support and ongoing prompting

    NG = Not Graded At This Time