Physical Education
    Fitness Assessment
    The CT Physical Fitness Assessment will be administered to the entire school in the fall (PACER, Curl-ups, Push-ups, and Sit and Reach) and just the Mile in the spring. Results for 6th and 8th grade will be sent to the state. In the weeks prior to the test, students will be working on various fitness activities in preparation for the test.
    As a department we have established four key objectives we intend to communicate and practice with the students.They are:
    • Motivation
    • Fitness concepts into games
    • Outcome/Purpose of the test
    • Articulate health-related fitness and importan fitness concepts to students
    • In an effort to maintain consistency in our department and maximize student learning we identified what key components will be assessing at each grade level/unit.
    • Goal worksheet, self-relection, written fitness quiz, dynamic warm-up assessment, etc.
    • PE Units
    Badminton (grades 7 and 8)

    • Skills: Overhead clear, drop shot, smash shot, two types of serves (backhand and flick)
    • Scoring for doubles and singles
    • Rules for game play
    • Assessment: written quiz

    • Skills: dribbling, passing, shooting, offense and defense
    • Key terms and definitions: travel, double dribble, carry, on the floor foul/shooting foul, jump ball, jump stop, triple threat position, offensive/defensive rebound
    • Rules for full court and half-court game play
    • Assessment: shooting skill assessment and written quiz

    • Skills: broom position, dribbling, passing, trapping
    • Safety rules
    • Rules for game play
    • Assessment: game assessment by peer partner

    • Work in a group to create a dance routine to be presented to your peers; choose your own music, costumes and be creative
    • Assessment: dance routine/presentation via a rubric for grades 5-7; grade 8 will create a dance video; all grades will complete a student self-evaluation while watching back the dance videos on the smart-board

    • Fitness testing (push-ups, curl-ups, sit and reach, and PACER/mile): students will complete the CT Fitness Assessment in the fall and mile only in the spring
    • Key concepts: 4 components of fitness (aerobic endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility), F.I.T.T. Principle and target heart rate
    • Students will perform a dynamic warm-up as well as an aerobic warm-up every class prior to lesson activity
    • Assessment: fitness test in fall and spring, written fitness quiz, goal worksheet on fitness goals for both the fall and spring, reflections connecting components of fitness to activity, dynamic warm-up assessment per quarter

    • Skills: throwing and catching
    • Key terms and definitions for game play
    • Rules for two-hand touch games
    • Assessment: throwing assessment for grade 5, pass pattern homework for grade 6, Playbook amd implementation of the 6 created plays as observed by the teacher for grades 7 and 8

    • Skills: forehand throw, backhand throw, hammer throw, pancake catch, “C” catch
    • Rules for Ultimate Frisbee and Kan Jam
    • Assessment: throwing and catching assessment for grades 5/6, written quiz for grades 7/8
    Pickle-ball (grades 5 and 6)

    • Skills: forehand, backhand, underhand serve
    • Scoring for doubles and singles
    • Rules for game play
    • Assessment: written quiz
    Project Adventure

    • Key concepts: ABC’s of problem solving, sharing 3-5 ideas, working as a team to solve a problem, challenge by choice, 3 learning zones, spotting cues, climbing wall commands, belaying
    • Grade 5: communication, cooperation, expressing feelings, appreciating diversity, conflict resolution (team challenges and Flying Squirrel)
    • Grade 6: respect for differences, problem solving, self-esteem, compassion for others (team challenges and climbing the rock wall)
    • Grade 7: respect for differences, problem solving, self-esteem, compassion for others (team challenges, climbing the rock wall, Leap of Faith)
    • Grade 8: respect for differences, problem solving, self-esteem, compassion for others (team challenges, Dangle Duo and Centipede)
    • Assessments: harness assessment for grades 5-8, written quiz for all grades, self-reflection for all grades

    • Skills: throwing, catching, fielding, batting
    • Key terms and definition (ground ball, fly ball, tagging up, force, no force, base running, batting,)
    • Understanding and identifying position s on the field
    • Rules for game play
    Team Handball

    • Skills: offense and defense
    • Rules to play in a game
    • Assessment: exit slip or game assessment by a peer/partner

    • Skills: bump, set, underhand serve, overhand serve
    • Scoring
    • Rules for game play
    • Assessment: bump assessment for grade 5, underhand serve assessment for grade 6, overhand assessment for grade 7, written quiz for grade 8