• Welcome to STEM!

    I am so excited to welcome you to this year's STEM classes.  Please come to room 165 in the new wing and visit our space!
    This year I will be teaching an eighth grade class in Vex Robots, a seventh grade class in Autodesk Inventor and sixth grade science.  
    All of the classes will learn what it means to be an engineer and how to use the design process to help them bring an idea to reality.  
    After school students are invited on Mondays and Wednesdays to use the STEM lab as a Maker Space.  They can work on their own projects or take a mini class with me.  Students can learn to fly, code, solder, build, or any sort of maker idea I or they come up with.  My hope is to expose students to possibilities!  Thinking, doing, sometimes failing and trying again is what my lab is all about.  
    The lab has three flight simulators, a host of powerful computers, Vex robotics parts, Raspberry Pi(s) and endless possibilities.