Mrs. Kimberlee Demers
    Challenge Grades 5 & 6
    Room 135



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6th Grade

  •  Sixth Grade Challenge:

    Where Systems Thinkers Seek the Bird's Eye View 


     Chenonceau Castle is my favorite one in the Loire Valley, France!  

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    2019-2020 6th Grade Challenge

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    Supplies Needed for 6th Grade Challenge:

    1 School Planner purchased from Saxe (will be given the first day)

    1 Spiral large-- one subject 

    2 folders-One for every day and one for Gilgamesh(which we need later in the year)

    1 one inch binder- optional: load it with page protectors 

    1 box Kleenex

    Supplies Needed to Use at Home:

    3 retractable ultra-fine or thin black sharpies 

    1 box of colored pencils


    Notes On Supplies:

    You should take your folder and spiral home when you have homework.  Keep your folder neat! You should plan ahead for torn, lost, forgotten items.  Trapper keepers are not my favorite mode of organization as they are too big and bulky.  Please do not choose the Trapper Keeper option unless it is absolutely, necessary.  In class, Trapper Keepers will live at the back of the room because they don't fit on our desks. As sixth graders, you should have your own pencils and writing instruments.  Your spiral notebook is important, don't lose it. But if you do, plan ahead to have another as soon as possible.  I will not allow you to take sharpies from class, so make sure you have an ultra-thin black marker to use at home!