Authorization for Administration of Medication

    Storage and Administration of Epinephrine at Public Schools
    Public Act 14-176 ( An Act concerning the Storage and Administration of epinephrine at Public Schools) amended the law to require the administration of epinephrine as emergency first aid to students experiencing allergic reactions, even if the student does not have parental authorization or the order of a qualified medical professional. Only in the absence of the school nurse, the administration of epinephrine may be done by qualified school personnel who have completed the required annual training.

    Please notify the school nurse in writing annually if you do not wish your child to receive epinephrine as emergency first aid by qualified school personnel in the absence of a school nurse.

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  • UPDATE: March 2016

    Epi-pen Administration to Unidentified Students by Trained Individuals When Nurse is Unavailable.

    Recently, the Connecticut legislature has passed a law permitting a trained individual to identify a previously unidentified student experiencing an anaphylactic reaction in school. The trained individual would respond only when the nurse is either absent or unable to respond. The application of this law pertains to the time frame during regular school hours, on school grounds and only in the unlikely event the nurse was not available. The district has developed a plan of action, trained individuals and provided access to epinephrine in response to this legislation.

    If you do not wish anyone other than a nurse to administer an epi-pen to your unidentified child should they develop signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and the nurse is unable to respond, please send your wishes in writing to the school nurse. If we do not have a written request that no one other than a nurse may administer an epi-pen to your unidentified child if signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis are present.