• Making the Most of Conferences, Workshops and Professional Learning

    The forms on this page will standardize the way your team or department members report back from a professional learning experience.  The form prompts the teacher to identify key concepts, to ask big questions about their learning and to connect it back to your team/ department work or future needs.  These forms are also easily posted to your team/department website for future reference.  Never lose track of vital learning again!
  • Conference and Workshop Debrief Form

    Attached is a concise and easy to use format for debriefing with your colleagues after attending a conference or workshop. The form identifies key ideas and specific insights as well as allowing space for questions raised as you listened and participated in the session. The last quadrant asks conference or workshop participants to process the work in order to create a list of implications for New Canaan Public Schools. Ask department members to complete and present this form at department meetings following attendance at a professional learning event.
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  • PD Activity Debrief Form

    A concise quadrant form to weigh the success of a professional learning experience, including PD Day work, departmental or team meetings or other meetings. Participants are asked to enter their comments on what went well, what could have gone better, organizational needs (training, materials, scheduling more time, etc.), and implications for future professional development needs.
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