Saxe School Counseling

School Counselors
  • Your School Counselors, L-R: Brad Lepisto, Tammy Nettleton, Kim Hillyer, Christine Risoli, Karen Pausig, Sarah Beltran.


    The NCPS school counseling department is based on the belief that each student is important and unique.  Our focus is to support the development of all students in self awareness, self management, responsible decision making, social awareness, and relationship skills.  The development of these critical school and life skills will cultivate a respectful environment that supports our students in their journey to becoming productive, ethical, responsible global citizens.


    7th and 8th grade School Counselors

    Sarah Beltran (Sarah.Beltran@ncps-k12.org203-594-4542 

    Brad Lepisto ( 203-594-4543

    Tammy Nettleton ( 203-594-4544


    5th and 6th grade School Counselors

    Kim Hillyer ( 203-594-4549

    Karen Pausig ( 203-594-4520

    Christine Risoli ( 203-594-4518

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