About NCPS Food Services

  • August 24, 2018

    Dear Parents,

    The new school year is upon us, and we wanted to extend a warm welcome and provide some information about the New Canaan Public School cafeterias.  We are looking forward to providing nutritious and delicious meals for your children! 

    We encourage parents to use the start of the school year as an opportunity to discuss nutrition and parent expectations of students’ purchasing decisions in the school cafeteria with your son or daughter.    

    South, East, West Elementary Schools

    At the elementary schools, our focus is on laying the foundation for good nutrition habits and focusing on encouraging students to build balanced meals and incorporate fruits and vegetables into their meals.  We are excited to offer new alternate lunch options on our Elementary menus, (please see below).  We also have some fun nutrition education and promotions planned for this school year! 

    Some possible topics to discuss with your elementary school child:

    What consists of a “meal”?

    (The price of an elementary school meal is $3.50 and includes the following)

    • One entrée from the list: 
        • Choice A:  Hot lunch/main choice of the day (pizza)
        • Choice B:  Sandwich/Salad (Boar’s Head turkey & cheese sandwich)
        • Choice C:  SunButter & Jelly Sandwich
        • Choice D:  Bagel lunch (bagel, yogurt, cheese)
        • Choice E:  Fun Lunch (Boar’s Head Pinwheels or Cheese, Fruit, Crackers)
    • Unlimited fruits and vegetables
    • Choice of milk or water or juice

    What are some examples of a la carte items offered in the elementary school cafeterias?

    • House-made soup
    • Mozzarella Cheese Stick
    • Yogurt Parfait
    • Fresh Cut Fruit Cup
    • Grab & Go Salads

    Saxe Middle School & New Canaan High School

    At the middle school and high school, as students increase their independence and responsibilities, the cafeteria offers an increased variety of options.  The high school and middle school cafeterias are set up more like a food court with different stations, as opposed to a cafeteria line at the elementary schools. 

    Some possible topics to discuss with your middle school/high school child:

    • Is it expected that your child purchase a complete meal? 
    • Is it OK if they purchase a meal plus one/two a la carte items?
    • Is it OK if they purchase a la carte items instead of a meal?
    • Does your son or daughter have a limit of how much money they should spend on lunch each day? 
    • The price of a “meal” is $4.00.

    What consists of a “hot lunch meal”?

    (The price of a high school/ middle school hot lunch meal is $4.00 and includes the following)

    • The hot lunch meal listed on the menu (includes entrée and vegetables)
    • Hand fruit (example apples, oranges at the hot lunch station)
    • Choice of one 8 oz. milk, or 8 oz. water, or 4 oz. juice

    What are some examples of a la carte items offered in the cafeteria?

    • Grab & Go Sandwiches and Salads
    • Grill Station items (burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, fries)
    • Pizza
    • Fresh Baked Cookies
    • Gourmet chips and packaged snacks (Pirates Booty, Baked Lay’s, Sun Chips, Nugo Protein Bars)
    • Assorted Beverages (Switch, Sparkling Poland Spring Water, Bottled Water, Naked Juices)

    Student Feedback

    In planning the menus, we aim to offer well-balanced and nutritious foods, while customizing the menus to the unique preferences of New Canaan students.  We look forward to continuing to meet with students to gather feedback.

    Special Dietary Needs & Food Allergies

    We want every student who would like to participate in the school lunch program to have that option.  We work with parents (and their students) on a case-by-case basis to come up with a customized plan that meets the needs of your child. 

    Please email me at michelle.santelli@ncps-k12.org to schedule a meeting with me and the district’s dietitian consultant. We will then provide forms (via email) for you to fill out and a time to schedule a meeting where we will discuss your child’s specific dietary needs and review ingredient labels. We can then come up with a plan together for your child to participate in the school lunch program. 

    Setting Account Limits & Instructions

    If you would like to set a spending limit or add notations on your student’s lunch account, please email Michelle at michelle.santelli@ncps-k12.org

    Please include this information in your email:

    “Charge Meals up to: $______”  

    “Charge a La Carte Spending up to:  $______”

    Price Examples:

    Elementary lunch:  $3.50
    Middle School lunch:  $4.00
    High School lunch:   $4.00
    Chicken Sandwich & Fries:  $6.00
    Deli Sandwich:  $6.00
    Cookie:  $1.50

    To make online payments, view your child’s purchasing history, or sign up for low balance alerts, click here: www.mypaymentsplus.com

    To view the District’s Charge Account Policy please click hereDistrict's Charge Account Policy

    Free and Reduced Applications are available hereFree and Reduced Meal Application

    Income Eligibility Guidelines are available here: Income Eligibilty Guidelines 

    Feel free to reach out to me at michelle.santelli@ncps-k12.org at any time with questions or comments.  We look forward to working together in creating a memorable, enjoyable and nutritious experience for your children!

    All the best,


    Michelle Santelli

    Director of Food Services
    New Canaan Public Schools
    11 Farm Road
    New Canaan, CT 06840

    O: 203-594-4667



NCHS Food Service serving picnic foods to NCHS students

Purchase History

  • You can view your child's daily purchases in their school cafeteria or by logging onto MyPaymentPlus.
    1. Visit MyPaymentPlus
    2. Login with your username and password
    3. Click on the tab "View History" on the upper left column
    4. Click "Purchase History" to view a detailed listing of all transactions by day by student
    5. View a different family member's transaction detail by selecting "Student" on your account followed by "View" 
    MyPaymentsPlus now has an App for iPads and iPhones. The app allows you to login on your mobile device with your existing username and password, check account balances, review purchase history, and make payments.

Payment Methods

  • You may add funds to your child's account via MyPaymentsPlus, an online payment system through which you can use a debit or credit card. Remember, a convenience fee of $2.50 will appear on your credit card or bank statement. This fee will be charged no matter the amount of the deposit and will be assessed for each transaction.
    You can pay via check or money order. You can do this through the mail by sending payment to:
       New Canaan Public Schools
       Food Service Department
       11 Farm Road
       New Canaan, CT 06840
    Or, you can bring the payment directly to the Food Service Office, at New Canaan High School or to the cafeteria at your school. We will accept cash, but we ask you do not do this via mail, but rather in person at each location.
    If you have any questions, regarding a payment, please don't hesitate to call the Food Service Office at 203-594-4668. 
    Important forms: