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December 19, 2016

Dear Families,

We begin with a few heart-felt thank you notes this week:

  • Thank you from all of the East Staff for a delightful Holiday Teacher Luncheon from the PTC this past Thursday. From the catered lunch to the absolutely delicious treats baked by more than 50 parents in our community, it was a wonderful time for our staff to connect and celebrate the wonderful community we have here at East.
  • Thank you also to the PTC for their support of our school-based Enrichment programs that brought the Connecticut River Museum here for an “in-school field trip” for our second graders this past week as part of their social studies “Waterways” study. In this simulation, students took on the roles of Native Americans, explorers, settlers, industrialists, conservationists, and more to understand the impact that such groups have had on the Connecticut River over hundreds of years.

image of kindergarteners Kindergarten Sing-Along

The East School Kindergarten Holiday Sing-Along brought smiles and joy this past Friday to an audience of parents that filled the East School Galley. Our young singers stood beaming with pride and happiness as they enjoyed their songs and the opportunity to share these songs with their families. Thanks to the countless parent volunteers that spent their time assembling the adorable headbands our kindergartners wore to mark their songs!

Looking ahead to this week, Ms. Fisher’s fourth grade class will host our next Celebration of Learning for grades 1-4. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to come together to celebrate the learning and growth they have undertaken this fall and share that learning with others.

Vacation Tips!

Looking for some fun ways to keep children thinking over the vacation days? Read, read, read of course … read with hot cocoa, read as a family with cozy slippers, or even read in a homemade fort of blankets and pillows. (Remember how much fun that can be?)

Math is all around as well even on a vacation day! Board games are a fabulous way to “do math” together. Monopoly (all versions!), Sorry, Rack-O, Chutes-and-Ladders, card games, and dice games all reinforce counting and math facts. Sorting a jar of coins is also encouraged all winter long; unfortunately, our students have limited opportunities to work with coins given the world of debit cards (even lunch cards) that we live in, so sorting and counting coins helps them be able to identify the different coins and calculate with their values. Analog watches and alarm clocks are also a great holiday gift to build telling time skills over the vacation. Enjoy!

A few gentle reminders …

  • Do you have a preschooler who will be joining East for kindergarten in the fall of 2017? Be sure to pre-register on the NCPS website and attend the NCPS Kindergarten Transition meeting being held here at East on January 12th at 9:30AM. Please pass this information on to neighbors or friends with a preschooler as well – early pre-registration allows us to best plan staffing and classrooms for students.
  • Please check the East Lost and Found located in the galley… anything left after Friday will be donated as we “tidy up” a bit for the New Year.

Maura and I wish all of the East families a truly wonderful winter vacation. Thank you for the gift of your child’s smile, curiosity, and joy of learning. The support of the East community is remarkable and I look forward to all that is ahead for us together in the New Year!

Happy Holidays,