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November 28, 2016

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends!

image of students Community Service Day

It was a short but exciting week before the Thanksgiving break as our East students were able to “Be Kind” through their Community Service Day projects last Wednesday. Each grade had a designated project – from placemats and notes for Waveny Care Center to donations for Open Door Shelter and more. Some students across the grades were involved in delivering their projects and collection items to the organizations they were supporting; this allowed children to see firsthand the impact of their community service project. The sense of activism that students can develop from contributing to the community in this way is critical in the development of empathy, social/emotional skills, and perspective-taking.

About Progress Reports

This Friday, your child will bring home his or her fall progress report. We wanted to share with you some helpful notes as you review the progress report.

  • Remember that our children “Work Hard and Be Kind” each and every day. Celebrate that work and focus on how they have put forth effort to learn and improve … this sends a message of efficacy to your child, communicating that their commitment and hard work matters and can lead to growth in the future.
  • Before jumping to the indicators, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the meaning of each mark on the progress reports. A “key” explaining each term is provided at the top of the progress report and can help demystify the markings. Note that these indicators are not intended to correlate with traditional “letter grades”. Instead, they communicate the consistency of your child’s performance and your child’s level of independence related to a given skill or concept.
  • Every child has areas of strength as well as areas for growth. This is to be expected (and in fact is true of all of us). Help your child to consider these areas in a manageable way – perhaps noting one or two areas of strength and one (or two) areas for improvement. It can be especially helpful to support your child in brainstorming an action step he or she might take next and “how” he or she will do this in a concrete way. All of this also supports your child in understanding the value of feedback and how to use feedback as a springboard for growth.
  • It is important to remember that these progress reports are based on assessments and student work undertaken throughout the fall months. You will have the opportunity at the upcoming parent conferences (December 6-9th) to meet with your child’s teacher. At that conference, you will be able to see examples of your child’s work and ask any questions you may have. This student work and the conversation with your child’s teacher will support you in interpreting your child’s progress report in context.
  • Please keep in mind that these progress reports (completed three times each year) track the journey of learning your child is on this year. It is not any one indicator or note that is most critical. It is about the story that is told over time (over the course of the year) about your child’s growth and learning. Enjoy this journey with them!

Please note that December 6-9th will be early dismissal days (1:05PM dismissal) for parent conferences to be held. Looking forward to seeing you here at East!

Take care,