Building Use Requests and Rates

New Canaan Public Schools has introduced the ActiveNet school and building use system for High School and Middle School space requests. Note that use of any NCPS district facility is subject to the rules and regulations set forth in the Board of Education Building Use Policy. Individuals requesting space must represent an organization, business, or community group. The requested building use must conform to district policy. Facility rates and charges are listed below.

NCHS & Saxe Use

For requests for either NCHS or SAXE school or adjacent fields, please visit: New Canaan Public School - NCHS & Saxe Requests
Organizational representatives should register with the system to obtain log in credentials.

Elementary School Requests

Email your building use request to the appropriate contact person chosen from the list below. Make sure you email only one contact person, designated to the school where your requested space is located.

1. Determine which school and space within that school you'd like to reserve.
2. Include the following information in the body of your email:
  • Event Description
  • Date(s) Requested
  • Time (beginning and end)
  • Facility / Room Requested
  • Technology Needs (if any)
  • Special Custodial Set Up Needs (if any)
  • Event Contact Name and Cell Number. 
3. Send your email to the designated school contact:

Facility Rates and Charges

District facility use rates are outlined in the following table.  All use may be subject to additional fees for services provided by custodial, campus security, technology support and or theatrical event management. 
• A minimum charge of two hours custodial fee is added to all NCHS and Saxe bookings. As of 9/2015, custodial rates are $58.00 per hour.
• Additional fees may apply for technology, arts facility or security personnel use on a case-by-case basis.  Fees for 2015 for these services are:
  • Arts Staff Fee: $30.00/hr
  • Security Fee: $58.00/hr
  • Technology Fee: $30.00/hr

Facility Rates 2014-2015

NCPS Rental Rate chart 2015
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