Social Studies
Grade 7 Course Overview
Using a geographic lens, students in grade 7 explore the concepts of power, opportunity, and change in many regions of our world.  Students analyze and evaluate a variety of sources to answer the questions, “What are the questions we need to ask to assess how geography affects people?” and “How does a country’s geography affect its power and stability?”  Through guided inquiry, students will determine how analyzing a country's geography and its geographic systems can deepen our understanding of aspects of its history, culture and place in the world. The ability to work with and generate questions as well as analyze and evaluate a variety of sources are among the key inquiry skills that students will hone over the course of 7th grade. 

Curriculum Unit Guide
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Grade 7 Units 
Unit 1: Geographic Power and Opportunity
Unit 2: China: Geography and Power Structures
Unit 3: Africa: Diversity and Collaboration